Herbology Organics® creates one of a kind products made from 90-100% certified organic, and hemp based ingredients. All of our products are made with the finest quality essential oils that provide an aromatic ambiance only nature can provide. Our rich, bold infusion choices each contain therapeutic elements, to help uplift and soothe, relax and unwind, all while providing an aromatic experience. Our elegant and reusable glassware are made from recycled materials, and manufactured right here in the USA. Each’s products unique label is printed on recycled stock, and all plastics used are BPA free. The majority of our ingredients are purchased from the US, but some, in their purest form are only available from their original source. However, we only purchase ingredients that are guaranteed Fair Trade certified, which may make our products seem a bit pricy to some, but to us, we’ll take quality over quantity any day! Herbology Organics does not just believe in providing a great product to our customers, but in being kind to ourselves, each other and our Planet! So indulge, and take home and Herbology Organics product today, and reinvent your Mind, Body and Soul!